Oprah Speaks Her Truth!

I started this blog two years ago almost to the day motivated by the feeling that at the time many of my go-to publications did not not reflect my interests and concerns around women’s issues in a satisfactory manner. So I started my own space to vent about a wide range of topics impacting women negatively and to hopefully instigate some form of discussion or debate.  My posts have touched upon a wide range of topics: from sexual assault to sex in the movies to the dearth of women in politics. I think for the most part I have been able to formulate and record my ideas and stances in a semi-permanent fashion, to initiate discussion at times, and most importantly to do research on each topic before starting to write about it. This last point is important as it has turned into a sort of proxy for night school in women’s studies.  But while I was the maintaining force behind this feminist blog, I never dreamed that over its two-year lifespan, women’s fight for equality and an end to discrimination and assault would reach the pinnacle of public consciousness. I never even imagined that the silence breakers would be given a name, let alone be made Time magazine’s persons of the 2017 or that the #metoo movement would take on such phenomenal dimensions encompassing millions of Tweets. I never thought that so many seemingly invincible men would finally face the consequences of their shameful behavior. Or that TimesUp would be started right in time for awards season 2018.  This whirlwind year is beautifully captured and immortalized in popular culture in Oprah Winfrey’s powerful acceptance speech at the Golden Globes for the lifetime achievement award. And this is where I want to capture her speech as a precious keepsake – to focus me on what I am passionate about but most importantly to teach me how to speak passionately about my passions. Here’s the speech in full.

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