International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day 2018 is the culmination of one whole year of incredible awakening of the suppressed majority around the globe. It is an emotional day of strikes across Spain – the first “feminist” day of action of such monumental scale trending on Twitter as #HaciaLaHuelgaFeminista.  It is a day of demonstrations around the world, from Madrid to Milan, from Istanbul to Islamabad, from Kiev to Kabul, from Manila to Seoul women are marching for equal rights. It is a day in which Khamenei the supreme leader of Iran makes a statement about the “insignificance” of protests against the mandatory hijab. Yet it is also the day that the first woman who publicly removed her white veil and held it as a banner of protest standing tall on power box on Revolution Street in Tehran is handed a draconian prison sentence for this “insignificant” act. It is a day in which the French Daily La Liberation is charging male buyers 50 cents more than the normal 2€ price to highlight the pay gap and a day in which the New York Times has launched Overlooked an effort to write obituaries for influential women who didn’t receive them upon their death. It is also the day where I am honoured to be featured in my former PhD institute‘s, Women’s Day success stories. I feel very proud for having persevered and thrived in life sciences research and now technology, arguably an even more male-dominated sector.  Today is also a day where my 2.5 year old is getting her first balancing bicycle as a IWD present so she has the vehicle to go places very early on. Happy International Women Day. We have made amazing strides over the past year so let’s keep on pushing. Grit pays off!

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