Week 51

The last working week of the year, has been a cherry on top of a difficult but exhilarating 2018.

It started with me getting a whole raft of new responsibilities packaged as a new role.

I continued to commute weekly to Amsterdam for the second year in a row, I learned a new programming language, pulled countless all-nighters, implemented my first deep learning algorithms, despaired, mentored people in my team, suffered from recurring bouts of imposter syndrome, found and fixed bugs, felt guilty for falling short on my motherly duties, configured GPU machines, pushed myself, had doubts, deployed cutting-edge solutions on platforms that are too new to be stable or offer guidelines, had more doubts, lead and delivered three projects, lost hair, and one day at a time earned the respect of everyone I’ve worked with in an-all-male tech industry.

It finished with me partying with my team in Amsterdam to celebrate a successful delivery on week 51!

I’m proud of us! And for one who seldom boasts here it goes: I’m proud, damn proud, for representing an endangered species which is women in highly technical positions in the tech industry and on February 20th, 2019 I’ll be at @STEMWomenLondon to find more crazy driven women to represent!

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