Data wrangler by day, mother to a two-year old by night, ardent feminist always, I use this space to write on issues I care about. I was born in Iran, grew up in Canada, studied in Spain, and now live in the UK.

Immigration within immigration has given me a unique vantage point in life. I often see issues through a multicultural prism where at times I have to work hard to resolve clash of values. In this blog you will find my take on issues mostly concerning feminism and immigration.

Having to negotiate a place between East and West and to pick and choose or at times amalgamate bits and pieces from each culture I’ve encountered has not always been easy. Questions of identity, of in-between-ness, and the feeling of alienation in one’s own ethnic group as well as in the host nation are things I have had to grapple with and they will surely be recurring themes in my writing.

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